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I’ve created this site as something of an archive of Betsey Johnson’s styles, both past and present. I won’t be able to compile everything on here because of the sheer volume of items she has designed, but I’ll do as much as I’m able.

While I love getting newly-released Betsey items from her website or local department store, I am also an avid collector of vintage pieces. I spend way too much time on ebay looking for things that I missed out on over the years. Unfortunately, ebay is full of counterfeit Betsey jewelry, so hopefully this will also serve as a guide for other collectors to keep them from wasting money on items that aren’t authentic. See the jewelry tab on how to spot these fakes.

Please feel free to help me update my knowledge base!


Betsey Johnson’s Home Collection – Betseyfied

There are a few more teaser pics from Betsey on Twitter today for her new table top collection. There was a link with one of the pics that led to preorders at her online store where there were six results for “Betseyfied,” which is the name of the new collection. It’s so interesting to see these new photos, as this looks like an entirely different design from the florals. These pieces are black, white, and metallic gold with Betsey’s trademark lips, XOXs, hearts, and stripes. Also note the fabulous leopard print knives!

betseyfied1 betseyfied2 betseyfied3

These six items are now available to preorder at betseyjohnson.com!




Betsey Johnson’s Macy’s Exclusive Fox Pen, New Watch & Bracelet Sets, & Fringe Top

I realized today that I hadn’t actually set up my e-mail box, so if anyone has tried to message me and your message bounced back, please try again!

A bunch of new items have arrived at Macys.com, including a fringed top, a Macy’s exclusive pen, and a bunch of watch & bracelet sets.

First, let’s look at this fabulous top. It comes in black and stone grey, but I’m not going to kid myself, we all know I only wear black. It’s got long sleeves and angled fringe all along the bottom. I live for fringe!



Macy’s also gets another Betsey Johnson exclusive with this adorable fox pen.



And finally, there’s a large assortment of watches with matching bracelets, which is new for Betsey. I love the smiling skull!


Betsey Johnson’s Home Collection & New Bag & Boots Teasers

Betsey has teased us with some recent tweets showing both her her new home decor collection, a new round of her “kitchi” collection bags, and some kitty rain boots. The new home collection looks pretty fabulous with trays, plates, pitchers, frames, etc., in beautiful rosebud prints. The donut coffee cups on the upper left are fantastic and hilarious!

Equally as hilarious are the new bags shaped like pancake mix, a pie baking in an oven, a Coca-Cola style can, a bear with an eyepatch (gotta have it!), a box of popcorn, a burger, gift boxes, and a slice of pizza – complete with heart-shaped pepperonis. I love them all, but anyone who knows me knows I have a weakness for two things: french fries and popcorn. Let’s hope a french fry bag is not far behind!

bags1 bags2


Another new release on the way are these ridiculously cute rain boots with kitty faces on them. I tried on a pair of her rain boots back when she still had a retail store here in Atlanta and unfortunately they weren’t quite wide enough for my calves. I have yet to try on these new rain boots to see if I’ll have the same problem. Hopefully not, and I’ll have a pair of black kitties for the winter!


Betsey Johnson’s Samsung E315

As I switched from my old iPhone 5 to a new 6S and had to say goodbye to my Betsey phone cover, I was reminded of when I got my first iPhone and had to say goodbye to my Betsey designed Samsung E315. I LOVED THAT PHONE. It was a pink rosebud phone that came in a pink, heart-shaped box with a matching tiny bag. I don’t think I ever used the bag, but you can bet I used that phone. Sadly, I sold the phone on ebay when I got the iPhone, because I would love to have it now as a keepsake. Luckily there are still photos of it online.


Betsey Johnson Adventure Book

I could not be more excited! After a Facebook photo tease on September 5th, the Betsey Johnson Adventure Book shoulder bag has finally been released!


I wasn’t sure exactly what it was when I first saw the pic, but I’m pretty sure I squeaked out loud when I saw the little Betsey doll. I check Macys.com every few days to see what the new Betsey releases are, and suddenly there it was – even better than I could have imagined! It’s not for sale anywhere else yet, so pick one up before they sell out! I’ll update with more pics and details as soon as I get this in my hot little hands.

adventure1 adventure2

Betsey Johnson Fall 2015 Jewelry Collections

A bunch of new jewelry has appeared on BetseyJohnson.com, and it doesn’t disappoint. As with some of her past fall collections, there are plenty of Halloween-type designs featuring bats, spiders, and a haunted house. Photos of the full collections are in the jewelry section.

Here are a few photos from the Costume Critters collection. I have to say that the expressions that are on the faces of the cat and the lion resemble the long-suffering expressions of pets who are being dressed up for their owner’s entertainment, which makes them absolutely hilarious.

Below are a few photos from the Dark Shadows Collection. Haunted house, need I say more? I’m also loving the raven earrings and I’m hoping that there will be a matching necklace and bracelet added eventually. I can rarely get away with wearing earrings that aren’t sterling silver or gold without having an allergic reaction, but I’m willing to buy those earrings and string a raven on a fine chain just so I can have it.

A few from from the Pitch Black Collection are below. I love the black metals and have yet to have any of these from Betsey’s collections.

Below are a few photos from the Spider Lux collection. I have to say that I’m wild about the big spider bracelet. It’s a brilliant idea to have the contrasting silver chain represent a spider’s web woven through the gold links. The spider earrings are also interesting with the clear, hollow bodies filled with loose crystals.

I’m dying to get my hands on several of these from each collection!

Betsey Johnson Spring 2016 Collection

Betsey Johnson’s Spring 2016 ready to wear collection debuted during fashion week on September 11th, 2015. The occasion also celebrated her 50 years in fashion, so it is no surprise that the collection leaned heavily on her vintage designs. There are a great deal of floral dresses, which is such a Betsey trademark, and are typically worn over bright colored crinolines. These were paired with a selection of amazingly beautiful elbow-length floral print gloves. I’m desperately hoping that the gloves will actually be sold in her online shop, as it’s been many, many years since gloves like these have been available. I’ve been disappointed before with a fall collection of 2011 where the runway models had long scarves of dangling flowers that never ended up as part of the collection. I’ll take all of these gloves, please!

Along with the florescent colors reminiscent of the early 80s, we also see the return of the cherry print from several years ago as well as the brightly colored fish that I remember from about 1986 or so. I’m not sure if it’s the exact same print, or if it’s been updated, but I do think these fish are larger than the vintage fish.

Also very 80s are the stripes. They make me think of Pat Benetar and Scandal.

There are also some vintage 60s looking styles. The patchwork jacket and pants are fabulous!

Sadly, what I’ve noticed from looking at her ready to wear runway collections and what actually gets sold in stores is radically different. Before Betsey’s bankruptcy in 2012 we saw a great deal of the runway outfits hit her stores. Now, a few years later, and after Steve Madden has ownership of the company, I see basically none of these outfits in the stores. Instead, we’re left with some pretty boring or conservative dresses that are nothing like the Betsey of the past. I’m also seeing many of the same designs with variations only in the fabrics, such as the dresses with big bell sleeves. Honestly, it’s disappointing. I wish that Betsey could be Betsey once again.

The photos are from WWD.com. For full collection see the Apparel tab at the top of the page.


Betsey Johnson Kitchi Collection Chips Bag

The bags in Betsey’s new Kitchi Boutique are so fabulous, I want to collect them all. I’ve been squealing over them during the past two weeks as more and more outrageously fun bags have been released, such as the Typewriter Satchel, the Mailbox Satchel, the Donut Crossbody, and my personal favorite, the Kitchi Chips Wristlet. You can see all of them under the “Bags” tab up top on this site, or on BetseyJohnson.com (of course). During a recent sale a friend and I scored a couple of these bags and I was not disappointed when they arrived. The back is hilarious! After several failed attempts at taking good photos of the metallic vinyl, I finally put it on my scanner and got a decent photo of the front and back.

This is a must, whether you use it as a wristlet, or as a makeup bag in a larger purse. With such hilarious lines as, “Calories don’t count when no one is watching,” and “Calcium? Why drink milk when it’s 5:00pm somewhere?” and other “Betsey-isms,” I’ll be laughing every time I use it. It’s quite flat, so you can’t put a bunch of stuff inside, but it’s enough to hold a smartphone, cards, lip gloss, and keys.

It’s true, Betsey, one is never enough. 😉



New Fringed Bags On BestseyJohnson.com

I’m losing my mind over these new bags on the betseyjohnson.com site. I love fringe. LOVE. IT. I was able to get both the On the Fringe satchel and the wallet on the string in black for my birthday in June and I love them both. The new collection, Fringe Party, has a bucket bag, tote, and crossbody in black, tan, and ivory. I’m a firm believer that a girl can never have too many black fringed bags, so I can’t wait for the next bag sale. What is really blowing my mind is the fuschia accents in the fringe. I didn’t notice them at first when the bucket bag was listed, but I did today after the tote showed up in new arrivals. I’m very much looking forward to larger photos, or a 360 video from Amazon once other retailers get these bags. Definitely a must have!

Betsey Johnson’s Yard Sale & Home In the Hamptons

It’s been big news the past couple of weeks that Betsey Johnson was having a huge yard sale at her house in the Hamptons two weekends in a row. It’s too much to wrap my little Betsey Babe head around, so I’ll just pretend that I was able to go and that I got some amazing things and we’ll leave it at that. If you want to know what Betsey’s house looked like, there are some beautiful pictures on hamptons.curbed.com. And let’s be clear, we KNOW that a professional team cleaned all traces of Betsey out of that place before putting it on the market. There’s no way our girl had a home that looked like she didn’t even live there.

Betsey Johnson’s Home In the Hamptons

And if you’d like to see what the yard sales were like, just look at these racks of clothes and tell me it doesn’t bring a tear to your eye. Or a thousand.

Betsey Johnson Purges Her Collection

And just in case the photos disappear from the web, here are the photos of Betsey’s Hamptons home.